JBSD基金:東日本大震災義援金募金のお知らせ “JBSD FOUNDATION: JAPAN EARTHQUAKE DISASTER RELIEF CONTRIBUTION” (*JBSD基金によるマッチングは終了致しましたが、募金活動は継続しております。)





デトロイト日本商工会会長 寺師 茂樹
JBSD基金理事長    加藤 栄治 

Dear JBSD Members and Supporters,

On behalf of JBSD and JBSD Foundation Board Members, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to the victims of devastating earthquake and tsunami, which struck the coastal province of Japan..

To help the victims of the disaster, JBSD would like to ask for your kind consideration to make contribution to support the disaster relief efforts through JBSD Foundation. One hundred percent of monies collected will be sent to Japan to assist with relief efforts.

In the meantime, JBSD Foundation is pleased to announce that the contributions from individuals has reached $41,640.48 as of March 28th. JBSD Foundation is very appreciative of your generous donations and will continue its efforts to collect donations to help the victims of earthquake/tsunami disaster, however will have to close the "dollar for dollar" matching of contributions since it has reached the budget ceiling of $40,000.
The total amount of contribution received at JBSD Foundation as of April 1 is $175,832.
Thank you very much for your generous contribution.

Please see the attachment for information on donation to JBSD Foundation.

Sincerely yours,

Shigeki Terashi,
President, Japan Business Society of Detroit

Eiji Kato,
President, JBSD Foundation

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